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A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Employee Questions

Workplaces and organisations that take the time to truly listen to their people and gauge employee attitudes and opinions are typically far more successful in nurturing and engaged and motivated workforce.

In formulating your employee survey, you may want to consider the following high level topics:

• Self awareness and Motivation
• Team Culture and Spirit
• The Workplace/Organisation
• Management
• Cooperation and Communication
• Learning and Development Opportunities
• Recognition and Reward
• Overall perceptions of the organisation / Ideas for Improvement

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Below is a list of commonly asked employee questions for each of the high level topics listed above:

Employee Questions – Self Awareness and Motivation

• I understand what is expected of me in my job
• I know how my work contributes to the success of the organisation
• I have the freedom and flexibility I need to do my job effectively
• I have the tools and resources I need to do my job effectively
• I am sufficiently involved in decisions that affect the way I do my job
• The level of work-related stress I experience in my job is acceptable
• I am able to maintain a balance between my personal and working life
• Overall, my job gives me a sense of personal achievement

Employee Questions – Team Culture and Spirit

• The person I report to communicates the goals and objectives of my team effectively
• The person I report to encourages, and is willing to act on suggestions and ideas from my team
• The person I report to treats people with respect
• Communication within my team is good
• People in my team work well together
• I have confidence in the ability of the people in my team
• Overall, I feel part of an effective team

Employee Questions – The Workplace/Organisation

• I believe in what this organisation is trying to accomplish
• I feel I am working for a successful organisation
• This organisation sets high standards of performance
• This organisation delivers on the promises it makes to its customers
• We celebrate success in this organisation
• This organisation is a fun place to work
• This organisation cares about the well-being of its people
• I feel a sense of belonging to this organisation
• I have confidence in the leadership of this organisation
• I am unlikely to leave this organisation within the next 12 months
• Overall, I am proud to work for this organisation

Employee Questions – Management

• Acts effectively as leaders/trainers/coaches
• Treats all team members fairly, shows understanding, patience and respect to all employees
• Shows commitment to their job
• Encourages creativity and teamwork
• Implements effective means of communication
• The person I report to gives me the encouragement and support I need to succeed

Employee Questions – Cooperation and Communication

• Senior Management provides a clear picture of where this organisation is heading
• Communication in this organisation is open and honest
• I feel informed about this organisation and its activities
• People share their knowledge and ideas freely in this organisation
• Teams in this organisation work well together
• Cooperation between teams is encouraged in this organisation
• I can rely on the support of others in this organisation
• I am willing to go the extra mile to help this organisation succeed
• Overall communication and cooperation in this organisation is good

Employee Questions - Learning and Development Opportunities

• This organisation ensures that I am adequately trained for the work I do
• The work I do makes full use of knowledge and skills
• I am encouraged to develop my knowledge, skills and abilities in this organisation
• The feedback and coaching I get helps me to improve my performance
• There are opportunities for advancement for me in this organisation
• I feel there is a future for me at this organisation
• Overall, I am satisfied with my learning and development opportunities in this organisation

Employee Questions – Recognition and Reward

• I understand the criteria against which my performance is assessed
• My performance is fairly assessed
• The pay and benefits I receive are fair for the work I do
• I get recognition when I do a good job
• People get promoted on merit in this organisation
• Overall, I feel my contribution to this organisation is valued

Employee Questions

Overall Perceptions of the Organisation / Ideas for Improvement

• Overall, how satisfied are you with your employer?
• How long do you plan to continue your career with the organisation?
• Would you recommend employment at the organisation to a friend?
• Please write any comments or suggestions that you have for the organisation to improve

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Article compiled by Sarah Bougadakis


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