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A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Employee Questions

Workplaces and organisations that take the time to truly listen to their people and gauge employee attitudes and opinions are typically far more successful in nurturing an engaged and motivated workforce.

In formulating your survey, you may want to consider the following high level topics:

• Self awareness and Motivation
• Team Culture and Spirit
• The Workplace/Organisation
• Management
• Cooperation and Communication
• Learning and Development Opportunities
• Recognition and Reward
• Overall perceptions of the organisation / Ideas for Improvement... Read Article

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How to Conduct an Employee Evaluation

Employers who routinely review employee performance and conduct regular evaluations reap tremendous benefits:
Your employees will know what you expect of them; will receive feedback, praise, and criticism of their work; and will have notice of any shortfalls in their performance or conduct... Read Article

How an Employee Satisfaction Survey Benefits your Business

Your employees are the backbone of your business. If they are unhappy, under trained, or unable to do their job correctly, your company's success suffers. Therefore asurvey can help you to stay on track with your employees and your business...
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The Relationship Between Employee and Customer Satisfaction

In a recent study for an international computer firm, the data reinforced the crucial link between customer and employee satisfaction and profitability. Some of the key factors they found... Read Article

Solving Poor Employee Engagement Challenges

Business must find ways to hire and retain workers who are motivated and productive. This article will provide you with information that can help you build a high-performing, fully engaged workforce...
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Boosting Employee Morale

Do you know exactly how your employees feel when Monday morning approaches?...
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Ideas for Employee Survey Questions

By collecting this data on a regular basis, small and large companies alike can keep tabs on the attitudes of their employees. This data will help business owners develop a number of critical HR strategies. They'll be able to retain their best people, deliver the proper training, and provide a challenging and satisfying work environment...Read Article

Attitude Survey - A Dynamic Tool for Directors

It's a situation that many boards have wrestled with: how to measure and monitor an organization's performance beyond just the numbers from financial statements. There are many techniques for getting information...Read Article

Adding Value Through Extra Analysis

Employee surveys (also called attitude surveys) have been a useful organisational tool for many years. Whether conducted as a "once only" exercise, or on a regular
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Helping Businesses Plan for Success

Employee climate surveys will help a business gain perspective about where they have been, where they are today and where they need to go tomorrow. In this respect, employee surveys are an effective communication tool... Read Article


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Research of Interest: 

74% of Best-in-class organisations indicate they run employee satisfaction surveys, compared to 38% of ‘Laggards’ (organisations exhibiting below average performance).

Source: Arberdeen Group, The Engagement / Performance Equation, July 2011, survey of 400 employers across the globe.

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